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Caregiver and old womanHaving to cope with disability and chronic illness is simply unimaginable without proper support and assistance. Moreover, disabled people need to be in an environment that is customized for them to be able to perform their tasks conveniently and comfortably receive the care and support they need. At the same time, it’s also their right to make choices for themselves and what level of care and assistance they wish to receive.

From our customized housing to extended home care services, providing individualized solutions to every client’s unique needs is our main goal, at Choices by Design LLC, a Class A MN licensed and insured home care agency. All of the healthcare services and the handicapped accessible living spaces we provide are designed to give every client the comfort and quality of life they need and deserve.

Along with our comprehensive healthcare services, we also provide Basic Cable and WiFi internet for their recreation and an outdoor smoking area for them to do their favorite pastime with liberty. And because security and reliability are important aspects of homecare, we are offering our outstanding services 24 hours a day.

Delivering our high-quality services are highly-trained, knowledgeable, and experienced healthcare professionals who are always aiming to completely and expertly provide the highest quality care to our respected clients.

As a trusted and reputable homecare agency, we believe in integrating compassion and integrity in our services and respect our clients’ right to make independent decisions and special requests when it comes to home healthcare they receive.

To make inquiries or set an appointment to discuss your concerns, you can always reach Choices by Design LLC through our direct 24-hour contact number at 763-493-5067.

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